Monday, October 14, 2013

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Twenty Years Ago

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When you were a teenager, what did you care about most? Volleyball games, getting good grades, what people thought about you, boys?

What do you wish someone had told you?

In a 4-book series called “My Name is Erin,” Erin Davis addresses questions teenage girls need the answers for – questions that desperately need right, Biblical answers.

Who am I?

Where should I get my answers for life?

What purpose do I have in this world?

Can I do something big for God?

Maybe you asked these questions as a teenager.
Maybe you know a young girl struggling to hear the right answers.

If so, you HAVE to read these books!  I found my own faith challenged as I read them.

Erin Davis is a fun writer, personable, honest about her own struggles, and always points her readers to God’s truth. Each book is less than eighty pages – a quick read and practical to the lives of today’s teenage girls.

Here are few excerpts to give you a taste:

From One Girl’s Journey to Discover Truth:
“The culture says truth can change. God’s Word says Truth is solid. Most people make decisions based on what feels right. God’s Word says that our gut can’t always be trusted.” (p. 21)

From One Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is:
“Understanding your unique role as a girl isn’t really about being a certain kind of girl. It isn’t about rules. It’s not about profile. It’s about putting God on display . . . Instead of trying to figure out who we are and then trying to decide if that’s okay with God, we need to flip the mirror outward.” (p.26, 30)

From One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference:
“Your life is not a series of coincidences strung together between birth and death. Nope. God has a mission for you.” (p. 12)

From One Girl’s Plan for Radical Faith:
“[Jesus] didn’t come to earth to give everyone a giant, warm, fuzzy feeling. . . Following Him will cost us. . . Trust God that the life He calls you to
 is the very best way to live.” (p. 18,19)

In the “My Name is Erin” series, Erin Davis encourages young women to surrender their lives to what God intends for them to be. Every page is saturated with Biblical truth ready to guide them to a life with Him in charge.

“God has a plan for your life. When you say yes to the script He has written for you, that’s when the real story begins.” 
(from One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference,” p. 76)

I highly recommend buying a copy of these books. Read them first and have some of your own questions answered and your own faith challenged. Then, give them to a young girl who needs Biblical answers to tough questions – questions that are being answered by voices that are wrong, but much louder.

Or better yet. . .

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