Bethany Hayes is available to speak to the ladies at your church.

  • Christmas Message: "The Fear Nots of Christmas"
    • Fear is a common emotion found among every believer. Maybe this is why the Bible tells us to "Fear Not" over 365 times. When Christ's coming was announced, every announcement was accompanied by a "Fear Not." Learn why Christ's coming teaches us the incredible truth that we have nothing to fear.

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  • Conversations with the Risen Christ 
    • The Gospel message is not only that Christ died, but that He rose again, sealing our redemption! After He rose from the grave, He didn't appear to the crowds, the religious leaders, or to Pilate. He appeared to His followers, convincing them that He was alive. These conversations will remind you that we serve a living Savior.
  • The Words from the Cross
    • There is nothing more powerful than the words of Christ. He created the heavens and the earth with His Word. He changed lives. He also spoke seven times from the Cross. Nowhere will we be more awed by the Gospel than when we delve into the depths of Christ's final words.

Series Archive:
  • The Jehovah Names of God
    • Every Jehovah Name of God is perfectly expressed by our Good Shepherd. See these names displayed in the characteristics of the Shepherd in Psalm 23.
    • The Hall of Faith
      •  Listen as the "heralds of faith" in Hebrews 11 teach us the character and nature of faith.
    • Women in the New Testament
      •  Many women had the high honor of talking face to face with the incarnate Christ. Learn of the compassion and healing ministry of Christ as He encountered women not unlike you and me.

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