Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love Works

Six days before the Passover (the day of His death), Jesus went to the village of those who loved Him most. 
It was His last Sabbath; the first day of His last week on this earth.
And He chose to spend it with those He loved.

Simon, the Leper (whom Jesus had healed) held a supper for Him there in His honor. 
Simon knew the threat that hung over Jesus’ head. 
He knew the command of the religious leaders that if anyone knew where He was, they were to report it. 
He knew the danger of numbering Himself with Jesus. 

But he expressed his love for Jesus anyway.
By honoring Him publicly. . .and boldly.

True to form, Martha served. 
But the words “Martha served” were a fitting addition to the description of this entire scene. 

She was serving the Lord for the two most important reasons:
Love for Christ.
And to Honor HIM.

Martha was loving Him with this pure, selfless service.

Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with Him” -- a living example of the power of God.

We have no word of anything Lazarus said.
But we don’t need one.
His life was testimony enough.

He loved Christ by simply BEING. . . a man “who had been dead, whom [Jesus] raised from the dead.”

But Mary topped all the love in the room with a love that couldn’t be missed.
She anointed the Lord.
And the odor from the ointment filled the room.

Jesus called it a “good work.”

And, again, Mary had “chosen the good part.”

It wouldn’t have mattered if Jesus had been anointed for His burial at this point in the week.
It didn’t add anything to the ‘work’ HE was about to do.
The Lord didn’t need it.
And it had no meritorious nature in it for Mary.

But Jesus praised her work. . . because of the love that was behind it.

“God, needing nothing, considers in our works ONLY the love that accompanies them.” – Brother Lawrence

Mary received the praise of Jesus. . .because of the love that accompanied her ‘work.’

And her sacrificial act of love was recorded as a memorial to her.
And is still mentioned today.

4 people expressed their love for Jesus.
In their own unique way.
And without saying a word.

`               `               `               `               `
And what we’re to remember the most about these individuals is . . .

What they did to honor Him at that supper.

What they did to show their love and devotion to Him.

The same thing He wants people to remember about you and me.

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