Monday, August 15, 2011

Yesterday's Friendships

The Bible describes our lives as a shadow.  And a vapor.

And the years do seem like fleeting shadows.

And people we knew in the past seem like a vapor that appeared for a little time and then vanished away.
Just YESTERDAY’s friendships.

But some are allowed to re-emerge in our lives.  Put there again. . . by the Lord.
TODAY’s surprise.

These have been a few of His surprises to me lately. . . 

My "conversation buddy" for 2nd year Spanish (Junior year of college, 1997).
Lots of conversation (in English this time!); my "roomie" for "She Speaks" (2011).

Kimberly Rae Thigpen, Author of "Stolen Woman" (Had to put a plug in there for you, Kim!)

  The little girl who was allowed to have her ears pierced in the 4th grade!
        (Grade school classmate, the 80's)
  Now a favorite "e-mail friend."
  First time we'd seen each other in 17 years (August, 2011).

Stephenie and Nathan Gross

         Met when our high schools played basketball against each other (Senior year, 1994).
         Fast friends and friends since.
         A long-awaited re-united moment after 4 years; this time with her 5 children
                   (August, 2011).

Adam and Angela Peck, Laurel, Joanna, Justin, Abigail, and baby Felicity

Never underestimate the value of yesterday's friendships.

They just may show up as today's surprise.

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  1. That is really neat that you got to see all those friends again!
    I'll miss seeing you guys on Sunday morning, but we hope to make it for the evening message. See ya' then :)