Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Thirsty

This week, our Bible Study was on the “Woman at the Well.” 
I debated about telling her story all over again here on my blog.   
But I suspect the story is familiar. 

A Jewish man and a Samaritan woman breaking all kinds of century-old traditions by engaging in conversation.  He, the Messiah, talking to an outcast woman of Samaria.  She, thirsty for something she couldn’t put her finger on. 

Jesus came to the well tired and thirsty for water.  But He met this woman and knew she had a thirst she didn’t properly understand.  She had tried to find satisfaction in all the wrong places.  He pointed that out to her and offered her “living water.”

I’ve never been able to get a clear definition for my own mind as to what “living water” is all about. I’ve heard Christ is the “living water.”  Salvation is the “living water.” 

Scripture explains that the Spirit of Christ is “living water.”  (John 7:37-39)

Christ is the Fountain.
His Spirit within us as believers is our constant supply.   
Our constant Source of satisfaction. 

Jesus said when we drink of Him (believe on Him), we will “never thirst.”

So. . . .
Why do we go to other places to find satisfaction?
Why do we live unfulfilled lives?
What makes us constantly search for contentment?
Why are we thirsty for more?

Maybe we haven’t learned what this woman learned.  

Jesus gave her living water, which became like a well within her from which she could constantly drink.  Others would disappoint her.  Other things in life would never be completely fulfilling.  But it wouldn’t matter anymore.  The sufficiency of Christ was enough for her now.  Something she could constantly draw from and “never thirst.”

She left her waterpot.  She left all the things that never completely satisfied.  And she went away with something that can never be taken from any person who has truly believed on Christ.  A well of water “springing up into everlasting life.”

We don’t have to be thirsty.  We don’t have to wait until “forever” to be satisfied. 
If we come to Him alone for satisfaction, His promise is. . . we will “never thirst.”

Every moment, we have a constant Source of strength and refreshment available to us – His Spirit to draw from.  Nothing will EVER be so satisfying.

Draw from Him today.
He will never leave you thirsty for something else.

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