Saturday, December 29, 2012

Parked Semi's and Parking Spots

We were trying to avoid shopping on Christmas Eve.

It was the Saturday before Christmas, but we still had those last minute stocking-stuffers to grab. 

(Okay. My sister had ALL her shopping to do – but don’t tell her I said so).

So we braved the cold and the crowds and headed to the closest store that might possibly have everything she needed.

I prayed for a parking spot. 

Christmastime is the worst for parking spots. You get to the point where you stop hoping for the one right next to the empty handicapped spaces and start praying for just someplace to put the car.

So I prayed for a parking spot. Any parking spot.

And we headed out.

My sister and I prefer the dollar store close to the house. 
(Yes. It had everything she needed). 

We especially prefer the back way into the parking lot. But, as we headed up the hill, we were met by a semi-truck blocking the area. Not just parked inconveniently. There was no way to get around.

When I say the semi was parked . . . it was parked

There was no driver sitting there watching in amusement as two sisters were trying to get by. 

The truck was turned off, and the cab was empty.

It was either find a different way around or sit there until Christmas Eve.

We found another way.

As we rounded the corner, we were met by rear view lights and a car backing up. This now-available parking spot was right next to a handicapped parking space
. . . and directly in front of the door.

My prayer was answered.

The car had a place.

But more than just a place; a convenient place following an inconvenience. 

Life is full of inconveniences.

But keep watching for answered prayers. 

They could be just around the corner.


  1. What a good reminder. Thanks for sharing this, Bethany.

  2. Happy new year, Bethany! Seeing God's gentle kindnesses and sweet gifts is humbling and encouraging, isn't it?

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! Yes, it's the little blessings that remind us that He cares about our big and small things.

      Happy New Year!

  3. This is often my prayer too. Oh, not necessarily next to a handicapped spot - - just a parking spot close to the mall or store entrance is my hope. And, you know what? It never fails. The parking lot can be packed with vehicles but - just at the moment I approach - a spot becomes vacant or is already vacant, and yes, it is always close to the entrance of the very place I need to go. God answers - - even the very smallest prayers- - yet, we often overlook them and put it down to luck. Good blog, Bethany.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Yes, often we miss even the smallest answers to prayer. Maybe that's why we're told to pray AND "watch . . . with thanksgiving." Thank you for stopping by!