Monday, May 20, 2013

Truth or Lie #19: God is More Concerned About . . .

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Truth:    God is more concerned about changing me and glorifying Himself than He is about solving my problems.

Lie:         God should be more concerned about fixing my problems than about anything else.

Anyone who builds for a living knows the importance of the right tool.

Not every tool is the best fit.

And the builder knows the difference.

In life, we want to pick and choose what will make us who God wants us to be.  Problems aren’t seen as the right “tool,” but something that needs to be fixed.

The truth is . . . problems are often the best tool for shaping us.

And the Master Builder knows the difference.

If fixing our problems was all God was concerned about, what selfish lives we would lead.

Yes, He’s concerned about smoothing out the rough places in life. He cares about our comfort.

But He’s more concerned about the end product He’s creating.

By shaping us with the “tool of problems,” He changes us into a vessel fit to give Him glory.

He smooths out our problems, while shaping us in the process, and His glory will be the ultimate outcome.

We will be transformed into something more praiseworthy, and the Master Builder will receive the recognition when He’s done using the tool.

Tools in His hand are always the best fit; and it may take the “tool of problems.”

But He knows the difference.

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