Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Was Only His First Coming

Not long before Thanksgiving one year, I saw a sign outside a day care that read:

                “Thank you, Santa Clause.”

That sign spoke volumes.

It took two of the most God-honoring holidays and combined them into a four-word statement insisting that God be ignored.

That’s what our world wants to do.

Forget Christ and simply enjoy a holiday spirit.

As a result, many are celebrating Christmas this year.

But they have no idea why.

They have no idea that Christmas means Christ came.
They have no idea that the coming of Christ was the most pivotal point in human history.

The first Christmas was only His first coming.

And a “first coming” means there will be another one.

We ought to celebrate Christmas as a reminder that He’s coming again.

We don’t know when. We only know it will be quite different.

No one will be thanking Santa Clause.

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil. 2:10,11).

No one will be exempt.

Some will bow in humility and out of recognition of who He is.

Others will have no choice but to kneel, because there will be no place to stand.

His first coming was a place of rejection, symbolized by a manger.
Our world keeps Him there—and continues to reject why He came.

His second coming will be a place of honor and recognition.
Our world will be bowing. They will know why He came.

Let’s celebrate Christmas as only a first coming.

And remember He’s coming again. 

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