Sunday, January 5, 2014

When God's Ways Seem Strange

Life is laced with the unexpected and unwanted and unhoped for, and we often wonder. . . why are God’s ways so strange?

A dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer four days before her daughter was scheduled for a mastectomy for her own breast cancer. Why, Lord?

He puts blessings in our paths, and then takes them away. Why?

His timing, His ways, His commands often don’t make sense.

His ways seem strange.

Then, I read about the beginning of time before the world broke, and He planted a tree.

A tree in the middle of a perfect world—one that was “good for food and pleasant to the eyes” like all the other trees. 

But Adam and Eve couldn’t have it.

The difference between that tree and everything else in the garden was a command.

Adam and Eve were called upon to trust the heart behind that command.

All of life is a journey in learning to trust that heart.

Learning to trust a heart bigger and kinder than we believe sometimes. Trusting His loving heart behind everything He does.

I don’t know why He allows sickness, strange timing, and disappointments.

I do know He is wiser and kinder and more loving than I will ever comprehend.

When God’s ways seem strange, trust His heart.

As for God, His way is perfect . . .
He is a shield to all who trust in Him (Psalm 18:30).


  1. Bethany, this is absolutely true! Although I don't understand the reason for our circumstances or what is ahead, I have known the Lord's presence throughout the way - His grace, His love, His strength, His guidance and His love shown to us through His people. He is an Awesome, Wonderful, Loving God! Thank you so much for this lesson! Love, Margie

    1. I'm so glad your recovery is going well. I'm praying for you. Love you, Margie!