Monday, February 3, 2014

Sit Awhile

A missionary was working tirelessly on the translation of the Scriptures into another language. 

He lived and worked among this tribe, learning their language and attempting to give them a translation of God’s Word that was true to the text and understandable to his readers.

But he agonized over which word to use for a very important concept: FAITH.

As he was praying and searching the language of the people he loved, one of the tribal members came for a visit.

He welcomed himself into the room, plopped down in the chair across from the missionary, and gave a sigh of relief. He was tired and completely drained from his day’s work.

As he sighed, he breathed out a word that meant he was placing his whole weight on that chair out of utter exhaustion.

Immediately, the missionary knew he had found the right word for ‘faith.’

Faith is emptying ourselves of our own ability and strength, and leaning our full weight on Someone Else.  Tired of trying and working and toiling and fretting, faith is resting completely on Another.

When life becomes too overwhelming . . . sit awhile.

Entrust all your weight—yourself and the burdens on your shoulder—to the One who can handle it all.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart,
and lean not unto thine own understanding. (Prov. 3:5)

[The first person to leave a comment identifying where this picture was taken wins a free [sorry . . . but gently used :-)] copy of "The God of All Comfort," by Hannah Whitall Smith.]


  1. Great post...what missionary was that?
    (and I'm guessing that the picture was taken outside the Weirson's home :)

    1. Good job, Lynnae! You "guessed" it. :-) You know. . .I read this story so long ago, I remembered the story, and not the missionary! Sigh. Whoever he is, I'm sure he's enjoying heaven with many who the Lord brought to Himself . . by faith. :-)

      Have a great week! :-)