Monday, March 10, 2014

In Expectation of a Promise

My sister has two children wrapped around her little finger.

She lived with a Brazilian family during graduate school and became like a special aunt to them. When she graduated, Walter and Clara did not want "Titia" to leave.

But Titia made a promise to them.

"I will see you again soon."

And every day these children live in expectation of that promise.

Literally, EVERY day.

They talk on the phone. They Skype. They ask when Titia is coming back.

"Soon. I will see you soon."

And they live their little lives resting on that promise.

Isn't this the Christian life?

We live--and we'll die--resting on a promise.

The promise that we have eternal life through Christ is what we'll be hoping in when we die. We can't die in faith until we're sure of that promise.

We live the same way.

Day by day, we find the same peace in life--the peace that comes from resting on a promise.

Which promise?

There are hundreds of them.

We have promise after promise etched in Scripture. Promises that men and women of faith have rested on and never worn out.

Faith lives and dies resting on a promise.

Let's strive for the faith of a child, living every day in expectation of a promise.

This is the life of faith.

Click to listen to the lesson on 3 men who died in faith by resting on a promise: Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

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