Sunday, May 25, 2014

He Called it an A+ Day

He called it an “A+ Day.”

Have you ever had one of those? When one happy thing leads to another and another? And you can’t think of anything you’d rather be doing than what you’re doing with the ones you’re doing it with.

That’s why he called it an “A+ Day.”  He was with “two of his favorite girls.” On his favorite hiking trail. With his favorite burger spot waiting to finish off the day.

That’s why it was an “A+ Day.”

And he doesn’t have many of those.

His wife is in a care center and can’t remember his name. She can’t speak it anymore. She stares blankly at him. His heart bleeds for her to be the woman he loved when they were young . . . yet he loves her more today than he ever has.

He has heartaches of other kinds, lonely days, memories. He loves to share those memories . . . and laughs now, like he did then.

He has few “A+ days.”

But if he did, would they have A+ status anymore?

Would they continue to be as joyful day after day?

More likely, they’d be your-normal-every-day-sort-of-day-that-everybody-has. And he wouldn’t know the joy of many special things all wrapped up in one day.

Life isn’t a string of “A+ days.”  Life is learning to love and live and rejoice and hope when days are hard and mundane and lonely and exhausting.

He called it an “A+ day.”

Because not every day is “A+.”

But if they were, would any of us ever really know true joy?

"This is the day which the Lord hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)


  1. Thank you for the encouraging post, Bethany! You write the truth. Many times it is the little things that we take for granted that end up being the big things that memories are made of. What a great reminder that we should focus on those things and rejoice in the day which the Lord has made.

    1. Thank you, Jaylin! You are so right! :-)