Monday, September 29, 2014

When Life Gets You Down, Look Up

We almost missed them this year.

The Vaux’s Swifts are headed South, and they’ve stopped in Portland for the month of September.

For decades, these tiny birds and their offspring have used the chimney of the Chapman Elementary School as a one-month vacation spot.

They forage during the day; then dive into the chimney in swarms every night.

And Portland likes to gather and watch the spectacular show.

In the midst of every busy life, all creation is praising its Maker, living the life He's called them to live, and following His allotted path.

And birds, called Vaux’s Swifts, magnified their Creator every night of September by their tiny presence in Portland.

Many looked away from the mundane of their daily lives, beyond the questions begging answers, above their smart phones, the unresolved, the arguments, and asking why.

We were beckoned to remember there’s a God who oversees it all, and life doesn’t have to get us down.

Our Maker lives and reigns.

And He can scoop up everything down here into His capable hands.

Then He sends us tiny reminders to leave them there.

And look up.

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