Monday, January 19, 2015

Your God

If you ever need a reminder that there’s a Being moving in and out of your ways and working all things together and overcoming evil and seeking good, read the story of Joseph.

As you read his story, you can’t help but see this invisible Hand.

And in between the lines, in another language, to brothers who had mistreated him, Joseph speaks of his God.

He saw Him moving, though he didn’t understand His ways.

He feared God.

His God was God.

And Joseph never forgot that.

Before Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, his steward told them, “Do not be afraid. Your God . . .” (Gen. 43:23).

Their God worked when they were confused.
Their God led them to Joseph.
Their God was merciful.

He worked.

Because He was their God.

Not just Joseph’s.

In reality, the story of Joseph is a story of miracles worked by a God who belonged to Joseph and his brothers.

Spurgeon once wrote:

“The life of a believer is a series of miracles formed by the Mighty God.”

Sometimes there’s confusion, injustice, and long years of waiting. A prison, a palace, a moving by Someone orchestrating all things meant for good (Gen. 50:19).

But those who belong to God and whose God belongs to them are living a series of miracles.

The miracle begun at our birth into His family.
The miracle of being kept by His power, when the world lures strong.
The miracle of His presence, His love, His grace, and the fulfillment of His promises.
The miracle of His invisible Hand working for good.

Do not be afraid. Your God. . .

“Lay hold on that mighty arm,” Spurgeon continues. “And rouse it to put forth its strength.”

That mighty arm is the arm of miracles.

That mighty arm is the arm of your God.

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