Monday, June 29, 2015

To My Bible Club Kids Who Are Now American Adults,

You placed your hand over your heart and you said that historic pledge along with us.
                One nation under God,
                Indivisible . . . 

I wonder if those Saturdays were the only days you heard our nation and our God honored together in one singular statement.

Did you realize what you were saying?  

America is “one nation under God.”

We didn’t tell your young minds what we knew you would discover.

That leaders and broken people and broken laws despise that honored position.  

You would grow up and hear lies. You would join in. You would break laws. You would forget God.

You’ve probably forgotten.

America is “one nation under God.”

Did you hear it in the stories we told?  Stories of proud rulers humbled, nations conquered, the kingdoms of this world unable to stand in their pride.  God-honoring people protected, one tiny nation preserved in answer to a divine promise.

Did you hear between the lines of those stories that this God America is under has the government upon His shoulders (Isaiah 9:6)?

Nations are under God, under His control and carried on shoulders strong enough to carry every government all at once.

The America you live in now doesn’t want you to believe this truth we taught you.

America is “one nation under God.”

Your forefathers fought for it, your grandfathers died for it, your family celebrates it every fourth of July.

And you eat watermelon and apple pie and set off fireworks like you did when you were a kid.

And America continues to tell you lies by what it allows.

I pray you will believe what we told you back then.

That the statement “one nation under God” isn’t just flowery, patriotic words.

We wanted you to see that the governments of the world are on His shoulders.

He is greater than any nation, any lie, any good gone sour at the hands of godless men.

He can carry the weight of your world on His shoulders.

Look to Him and teach your kids.

America is “one nation under God.”


  1. Replies
    1. Did this picture bring back memories, Sarah? :-)

  2. Bethany, how refreshing to revisit "One nation under God." I shared a classroom with a teacher who removed that phrase from the Pledge of Allegiance when he led it. It made me dig in my heels and bless, and pray over, and release the Holy Spirit in that middle school all the more. The nation is on Jesus' shoulders, for sure. I pray over the next generation the ability to understand and take their authority in Christ to the next level. You made my day!

    1. We certainly do need to be praying for our next generation! Thank you, Lynn.

  3. Hi Bethany,

    Those moments with kids and teens are always special, and we pray that any of our words that pointed them to Jesus will endure strongly.

    Jennifer Dougan