Monday, February 15, 2016

When God Seems Small

Lately, I’ve found myself complaining about the very things God gave me in answer to my prayers. Too often, I focus on the uncomfortable, zoom in on the uneasy, and plead for something better.

And thanksgiving forgets to rest on my lips.

Without thanksgiving, our God becomes small.

Forgetting to be thankful, we complain. We wallow in the uncomfortable. We forget to focus on God’s goodness.

We wonder why God is no longer the invincible, all-powerful, loving God we’ve seen Him to be so many times before.

When God seems small, we need to remember the exhortation found many times in the Psalms to magnify the Lord.

To “magnify” means to “to increase in significance; to cause to be held in greater esteem; to enlarge.” (Webster’s dictionary)

Our God never changes.

But the greatness of who He is resonates in our hearts and minds the most when we enlarge our thoughts of Him and esteem Him as greater in significance than our petty inconveniences.

The best way to magnify the Lord is to give Him thanks.

Thanking Him turns our minds from the difficult and enlarges our thoughts of the Giver of all good things.

He has done so much for us. When we neglect to give Him thanks, we leave His blessings unnoticed and minimize His greatness.

When God seems small, “magnify Him with thanksgiving.” (Psalm 69:30)


  1. Bethany, just beautiful! I've recently begun the discipline of writing out what I'm grateful for, and declaring it aloud. I want to be known in heaven for being among the most grateful people on the earth. We shift atmospheres when we do that!!!

  2. Thanks, Lynn. Yes, thankfulness does help us "shift atmospheres". Love that! :-) Looking forward to taking your workshop at the conference.

  3. I really needed this right now, at 3 am, when I was sitting here magnifying my worries. Thank you for reminding me to give those to Him and magnify Him instead!