Monday, March 12, 2012

Every When

When do you talk to God?
In the morning?
At meals?
Only at meals?
Before you fall asleep?


What about “Always”?

Neither do I.

Paul prayed “always.” 
Yes.  Paul.  Who was busy sharing the Gospel, spending time in prison, writing epistles, caring for churches, making tents.  Several times, he told the churches he was praying “always” for them.

So what does that mean?  How did Paul pray “always”? 
And what does that mean for you and me?

My favorite Greek-word-study-help tells me “always” means “every when.”

Paul prayed . . . . at “EVERY WHEN.”

WHEN he shared the gospel.
WHEN he spent time in prison.
WHEN he wrote an epistle.
WHEN he cared for the churches.
WHEN he made tents.

Our lives are full of “when’s.”  

Every moment is a “when.” 
Every moment is WHEN we can pray.

Moments all strung together to make up a life that is conscious of Someone Else caring for our “when’s.”

This is praying "at all TIMES."

Placing “every when” in His capable hands.



  1. Wonderful, wonderful words! I am going to share this on Facebook. "Every when" has just become my new favorite phrase.

  2. This was so wonderful! Thank you for the reminder, Bethany! I needed to hear this! :)

  3. Thank you for your comments. I pray the Lord blesses your "every when" today. :-)

  4. Beautiful. Thank you, Bethany. I needed that today.