Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Throne Room of Secret Prayer

Have you ever wondered why Jesus instructed His disciples to go into their room and shut the door when they prayed?  

Seems a little too intimate with a God so infinite. 

But notice WHO Jesus said we meet with in secret.

·        We’re not talking to empty space when we pray. 
·         We’re talking to God the Father.

YOUR Father
·         He didn’t tell them to pray to “MY Father.” 
·         He said: “Pray to YOUR Father.”
·         Pray to a Person who loves us as His children.

Your Father who is IN HEAVEN 
·         He sits on the highest throne possible.  
·         “The Lord reigns.”
·         Our Father is in complete control.

Your Father who is IN SECRET
·         The quiet expanse of space behind a closed door is not loneliness.
·         Our Father in Heaven loves to meet with us there.

Your Father who SEES in secret
·         He’s not just a “presence” in the room. 
·         He SEES. 
·         He sees us while we pray. 
·         He sees the entire picture of what we lay before Him in our prayers. 
·         More clearly than we do.

Your Father who KNOWS what things you have need of
·         Before we ask, He knew. 
·         While we ask, He knows. 
·         And we can be sure He’s been storing up what’s necessary to meet the need He already is fully aware of.

Behind a closed door, we meet with our Father.

Who made this. . . .

And this. . . .

And this. . .

If we’re able to get up from our knees and still feel burdened, I wonder if we’ve really prayed.

Who are we talking to?  Really?

Who is in Heaven. 
Who is in Secret.  
Who SEES in secret. 
Who knows.

Let’s leave our burdens behind . . . in the throne room of secret prayer.


  1. Wonderful reminder, Bethany! What a great God and wonderfully loving Father He is!! This is truly encouraging; you have "stirred up" my "pure mind by way of remembrance," as Peter expressed it re: another matter.
    Also, this is great preparation for Bible conference: "Paul, teach us to pray."
    Thank you so much--great post.

    Mr. Bystrom

  2. Oh how I needed this reminder today! Thank you so much for putting it into words. I also thought of the Spring Bible conference next week. Looking forward to more reminders.

  3. The power of prayer . . . not in me, but in the God I am praying to. Thank you for reminding me of God's power -- if He can create the mountains, the waterfall, the ocean . . . then my problems? Perspective =).