Saturday, May 26, 2012

Open Wide

Have you ever spent a day watching the activity of a mother bird following the arrival of her latest brood? 

She has one purpose only – to bring good things to the open mouths of her hungry children.  Unable to fend for themselves, her babies wait in expectation for her presence and her provisions.  

And all day long, she feeds them, knowing they will survive and grow only as she supplies their needs.

The Lord made a promise in Psalm 81:10:  “I am the LORD thy God. . . Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.”    

When we are convinced He is the Lord our God, we will open our lives wide to Him.   Like a baby bird in dependence on another, we will wait in expectation for what He chooses to bring our way.  When we are trusting Him, we will accept the abundance He brings and let Him fill us to the full.  

A wide mouth in expectation of blessing requires this deep and open trust.

Imagine if a baby bird decided he would rather fend for himself.  
How far would he make it from the nest?   
How soon would he require the sustaining influence of his mother’s care again? 

And I wonder.  .  .

Is this how God views our doing, our working, our going, and our efforts?   
In their place, these are right and good.  But does He see personal attempt alone with no expectation on Him?   

Our efforts are useless apart from His blessing – the kind of blessing He promises to open, trusting mouths.

How wide is your mouth and mine?


  1. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, Bethany. I need to remember this so much, I made that photo my desktop background!

    1. Thank you, Kim. You are an inspiration and example to me of someone who opens her mouth very wide to the Lord already! Praying for you!