Sunday, May 20, 2012

What If. . . ?

Of all the questions we ask in life, the “what if” questions seem to be the most frequent.

What if . . . this happens? 
What if . . . that doesn’t happen? 
What if . . . so-and-so doesn’t come through on his promise? 
What if . . . she were to do such-and-such?

What if . . . .? 

“What if” questions don’t usually have answers.  But we tend to ask them anyway.

The disciples did the same thing.  They turned worrying into frantic questioning:
“What shall we eat?” 
“What shall we drink?"
“What shall we wear?”

Jesus taught His followers that to be free from anxiety involves asking a completely different set of questions—questions with simple answers:

·         Which is more important—food and clothing or your body and life itself? 

·         The birds of the air are fed by your heavenly Father.  Are you not much more valuable to Him than they are?

·         Which of you by worrying can add to your height or your life span?

·         If God clothes the momentary grass of the field with beauty, won’t He provide your needs in greater abundance?

The disciples knew the answers to these questions.  

And so do we. 

We are all prone to ask complicated “what if” questions when we should be dwelling on what we already know.   

The simple, unchangeable truth will turn our focus away from our cares to the God who cares. 

Let's not unnecessarily carry them on our own.

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