Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mountains and Worms

Cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet.
Mountains are right outside my window.
The cascade range stretches for miles.

And I'm awed at the power of God.

I'm awed at the numerous ways He shows His power.


Nothing is too difficult, and nothing too small.

King Herod didn't think so.

Power hungry, he locked Peter in prison.
Assigned 16 men.
Arranged a public execution for the following day.
And sat back content.
Nothing could stand in his way.

"But prayer. . ."

Prayer was made without ceasing by the church to God for Peter.

And while they were praying (and Peter was sleeping!), God's power moved onto the scene.

Peter's chains fell off.
The soldiers slept.
Gates opened on their own.
And prayer was answered.

Peter was released. . . by the power of God.

Unable to do a thing to the One truly responsible for Peter's escape, Herod killed the soldiers.

His power had been wounded.  Not to mention his pride.

Sometime later, his pride found room again.
He gave a speech; others called him a god.

And the All-powerful God ended his pride with worms.

Herod's power couldn't even withstand a tiny worm.


Nothing is too difficult and nothing too small.

(Click here to listen to "Mary of Jerusalem and Rhoda")

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  1. Thank you for this excellent, well-worded reminder, Bethany. We missed you at Trinity yesterday, without knowing that you were "cruising at . . . 35,000 feet."
    Enjoy your day under His wings.

    Mr. B