Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Throughout All Generations

My grandmother is in a nursing home in West Virginia.  Just the other day, we enjoyed looking at pictures together of past generations--ones she once knew and ones I never met.

Shortly after that, I went to Gettysburg with my brother and his family.  A hush lingers over that place.  The memory of past generations who gave their lives for ours.

Washington D.C. swarms with monuments.  Memorials commemorating several generations--many individual lives lived and that left a legacy.

On Thursday, I'll be attending the funeral of my Pastor who lived to be 92 and was still preaching God's Word just a few months ago.  From him, I learned that every generation has a story to tell of the faithfulness of God.  A God who has been leaned on over and over again throughout all generations.

Dreams realized.
Hopes dashed.

Lives lived. 
Generations left behind to walk in the footsteps of the ones who went before.

The only constant throughout all generations has been our God.

Sometimes acknowledged.
Often ignored.
Believed in.

Yet still the same "yesterday, today, and forever."

Yesterday, generations we never knew, knew Him.
Today, many in our generation lean on Him.
Forever, every generation that knew Him and leaned on Him will praise Him together before His throne.

All that links countless generations is our God.

He has been leaned on over and over again, yet never crushed.

And Forever.

Will we teach the next generation to lean as well?


  1. We WILL, Bethany! Our God is eternal. Thank you for the good reminder.
    Mr. B

  2. Thank you for the fresh perspective; very poignant in light of recent
    deaths. Our God is greater than all our trials!