Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do You See Me?

Looking at a friend through binoculars is like trying to see the beauty of a butterfly through a telescope.

All you get is a skewed perception.
You don’t see their true colors.

You might see nothing at all.

We're all guilty of this, aren't we?
We often limit ourselves to a distant view of the people around us.

But when we’re afraid to ask the questions people really do want to be asked; when we think we know a person, but in reality our perception is a blur, we need to ask for grace to look at the people we know with eyes of selfless, genuine love.

This means stepping out of our perspective, putting away the binoculars, and looking at a friend with unhindered, genuine interest.

Likely, you will discover beautiful qualities you never would have realized apart from this loving sacrifice.

Maybe they’re masking a need, and if the binoculars were set aside, you would discover a friend who just needs you.

Care enough to ask questions, learn more, nurture, see a friend and be one.

Care enough to look close.

Not through binoculars. And not through a microscope.

But through eyes of genuine love.

You might see something you never knew you were missing.

You will meet a need.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bethany,

    Thanks for this reminder to stop and really look at our friends, wondering what their needs are.

    Have a great week, friend.

    Jennifer Dougan