Saturday, October 27, 2012

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world . . . 

We’d each jump out of bed with a smile every Monday morning.
We could all afford a hired maid.
And chocolate would be a recommended meal.

In a perfect world . . .

But none of us lives in a perfect world.
If we did, we’d all be misfits.

Either that, or we’d change that world one person at a time.

None of us lives in a perfect world.

But we each live in the world perfectly planned for us and for which we’ve been perfectly planned.

In other words, when God placed you and I right where we are, He said “It is good.”

We belong there. We were made for it. 
Just like a body was prepared for the Son of God and He was placed on this earth at the proper time, we were each designed for our particular world.

That means He has a plan and purpose for every day.
And we fit that plan.

All that we are as a person matches what He wants us to do, where He wants us to do it, when we were placed in this life, and why.

The Psalmist said God’s way is perfect (Psalm 18:30).

He also assured us that God makes OUR way perfect (v.32).

We fail, we make mistakes, we mess things up sometimes, but who we are was not a mistake.

God designed us for our particular time in history, our place on this planet, and our life in this world.

And we fit there.

To do His purpose.
To watch Him accomplish His perfect way in our lives.
And to truly live our lives confident that He has made our way perfect.

It may not be our idea of a perfect world.

But a created thing cannot say to the One who created it: Why have you made me like this? (Romans 9:20)

If we could see our lives from His perspective, we’d say without flinching:
We live . . .in a perfect world.

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