Monday, November 4, 2013

Find Out Why You Woke Up Today

According to the Worldometers real time population clock, there are over 7,190,000,000 people living on planet earth today.

Over seven billion people woke up this morning.

And you were one of them.


I know it’s Monday, and Mondays are hard to wake up to. But instead of wishing we hadn’t heard the alarm clock, stepped out of bed, and faced another week, what if we asked the question, “Why did I wake up today?”

Many people didn’t.

Why did you and I?

Could it be that someone needs touched, listened to, hugged, smiled at, cared about, loved?

Could someone need you today?

Not for something big, but maybe something small.

Maybe someone needs to feel like one in 7 billion.

Could you touch a life today?

I know it’s Monday. But you woke up, and many people didn’t.

Find out why you woke up today.

It could be someone needs your one-in-a-billion way to realize they're just as special.

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