Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Know You've Really Lived

Compared to most nations, America is fairly young.

Much has happened since its beginning in 1776: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, every other war, and everything in between these wars.

But in spite of all that has happened throughout its history, America is just over two hundred years old.

Add one hundred years to American history, and that’s how long a man named Enoch walked with God

Enoch lived 365 years. 
For three hundred of those years, he walked with God.

All we know of others who lived in his day—including his own family—is that they lived, they had children, and they died (Genesis 5).

That was their legacy.

But Enoch walked with God.

Enoch had a relationship with God like a walk with a friend. Day in and day out, he lived a walk of faith—one that lived in communion and oneness with God.

Other great saints did big things, like march around a city seven times because that’s how God said it would be conquered.

Some did hard things, like offer his son on an altar because God told him to.

But the same kind of faith it takes to do big things and hard things is the same kind of faith it takes to get up every morning and walk with God.

That’s what Enoch did, and he ended up in the Hall of Faith as a result.

Enoch had really lived.

Many people have lived on this planet since Enoch. Of most of them, all that could be said is they lived, they had children, and they died.

But if we walk with God—if our faith walks with Him every day—then we will have really lived.

We were created for relationship with God.
And He has provided for that in His Son.

We will have really lived if we live for what we were made. If we wake up every morning and walk with God.

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None of us will have more than the age of a nation to live by faith.

Our faith might not be called to do big things or hard things.

But if we get up every morning and walk with God, then we will have really lived.

And we will leave behind the greatest legacy anybody could ever leave.

Click here to listen to the lesson on Enoch and Noah.

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