Monday, April 21, 2014

Balcony People

We all need balcony people in our lives.

The kind of people who cheer us on, give us a fresh perspective, notice the specks and the planks (because they've already dealt with their own), and who aren't afraid to speak the truth in love.

"Balcony people are people who help me remember the big picture in my life. They're sitting on the balcony, after all, and have a much better view of my life than I do." ~ Lina Abujamra (Stripped: When God's Call Turns from 'Yes!' to 'Why Me?', p. 200)

Last week, I saw one of my balcony people.

Grandma Rosemary

Her 91-year-old wisdom born out of constant communion with the Lord has been my comfort on many occasions.

Her words have sometimes hurt--because they've been the tool of God to chisel.

And her unconditional love has convinced my heart over and over that God's love is real.

Once when my heart had been in turmoil and my tears were all she had to read, she called me with words I will never forget: "For the past three days, I have done little but pray for you."

Her balcony perspective prayed. And kept praying.

Her balcony love convinced me of God's love.

Her balcony presence in my life has given me the courage to step across the stage of my life and know I am never alone.

We all need balcony people in our lives.

The kind of people who could share the stage, but don't.

Those valuable people in our lives who watch with love and prayers and who are content to be a simple tool of God to mold and comfort and cheer and keep our focus upward.

"Balcony people don't just show up in your life. You've got to cultivate them over time. You've got to be intentional in finding them. You've got to pray for them. And once in a while, you've got to be a balcony person for them too!" ~ Lina Abujamra

Do you have some balcony people in your life?

Are you a balcony person for someone else?

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