Monday, April 14, 2014

The Invisible Hand

Thrown into a mud hut, stripped of their outer garments and holding their baby tight, Betty Stam and her husband John wondered what the next day would bring.

They had given their lives for China. Now, China was giving them up.

For them, heaven would be their next stop. The mud hut their last resting place on this earth.

Somehow Betty knew.

But what about her baby? At 3 months old, what would they do with the baby? How would she be cared for if she were spared?

Before she was dragged away with her husband to their martyrdom, Betty wrapped little Helen in warm blankets and snuggled her deep into a sleeping bag.

By faith in the invisible God, Betty hid her three-month-old baby deep in His capable, protective hands.

For 27 hours, Helen slept. For 27 hours, the invisible God cared for Helen, while He brought her parents Home.

Oprhaned but not alone, Helen was discovered by a Chinese pastor.

Because her mother hid her baby by faith.

". . . as seeing him who is invisble (Heb. 11:27)."

Betty reminds me of Moses' mother, Jochabed.

Imagine the faith it took to make a little basket, place her 3-month-old baby inside, and leave him on the Nile River, while all of Egypt was under an edict to kill every baby boy that was born.

Like Betty Stam, Moses' mother trusted an invisible hand to care for her three-month-old baby.

And He did.

Jochabed must have taught her son this trust.  In Hebrews 11, we're told Moses lived by faith ". . . as seeing him who is invisible (v.27)."

Many times throughout his life, Moses stepped into the unknown, trusting the invisible God.

Many times, Moses watched God's invisible hand work where he never could.

Our God doesn't have hands and eyes and a being we can physically bow down to, as centuries of people have always wanted.

Instead, by faith we see the work of His hands.

He convinces our hearts that He can see.

We have story after story of God working in the midst of His people.

By faith, we see Him working in our midst.

Day by day, an invisible hand is working, guiding, guarding, moving in such a way that only eyes of faith can see Him and trust Him.

Betty Stam.

These all lived by faith ". . . as seeing him who is invisible."

Can we entrust our lives and the lives of the ones we love into the hands of this invisible God?

We can.

Will we?

"The LORD, thy God, in the midst of thee is mighty." (Zeph. 3:17)

Click here to listen to the lesson about the fearless faith of Moses.

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  1. I've read their story before. Amazing isn't it? He is ALWAYS in control. Even when we question Him. I'm so glad I'm not in control. Gosh, I'd make a mess out of EVERYTHING. ;-) Love the lesson on Moses. Thank you. :-)

    1. Hi Robyn. Yes, I'm so glad He's the One in control, too! The stories of men and women who've gone before us and trusted the Lord are such an encouragement. Strengthens my own faith. Thank you for stopping by. :-)