Saturday, November 24, 2012

Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand yesterday.

Go ahead.

Try it . . .

It’s impossible, isn’t it?

You can’t raise your hand yesterday, because it’s now.

And now is now. And then was then.

And it’s impossible to do yesterday what you think today would make tomorrow better. (If you followed all that, you might be living in a different time zone altogether!)

My point is this.

Trying to re-live your past is as impossible as raising your hand yesterday.

Trying to change the past, wish it away, or bask in the memory of it will only result in forgetting about today.

How about trying this instead? 

Raise your hand tomorrow.

That's just as impossible, isn't it?

Right now, we can only live today.

Not yesterday.
Not even tomorrow.

Today, we breathe an average of 21,600 breaths.

Today, our heart will beat 100,800 times.

Today, we choose what those breaths and heartbeats will live for.

But only today.

Soon, today will be yesterday, and we’ll no longer be able to raise our hands back then. We won’t be able to live it over.

And it’s impossible to live tomorrow yet.

But we can live now.

In fact, that’s what now is for.

To live in.

If you’re ready to live today . . . raise your hand. 

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