Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank Who?

It's already on my calendar: Thanksgiving Day.

I didn't pencil it in. It's just there.

And all across the country, thousands of homes have it on their calendar, too.

Thursday is a day for giving thanks.

Thursday, we will set life aside for the purpose of finding something for which to be thankful; a day to have a grateful heart.

But I wonder. . . is it enough just to have an attitude of gratitude?

Let's not forget Who deserves our thanks.

Give thanks unto the LORD. . . (Psalm 136:1)
Give thanks unto the God of gods . . . (v.2)
Give thanks to the Lord of lords . . . (v.3)
To him who alone does great wonders . . . (v.4)
To him who by wisdom made the heavens . . . (v.5)
To him who stretched out the earth above the waters . . . (v.6)
To him who made great lights . . . (v.7)
To him who smote Egypt . . . (v.10)
To him who divided the Red Sea . . . (v.13)
To him who led his people through the wilderness . . . (v.16)
To him who smote great kings . . . (v.17)
Who remembered us in our low estate . . . (v.23)
Who has redeemed us . . . (v.24)
Who gives food to all flesh . . . (v.25)

Oh, give thanks unto the God of heaven; for his mercy endureth forever. (v.26)


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