Monday, July 1, 2013

Are You Looking for Shade?

Ever been on a hike in the heat of summer, and after sitting under a tree for awhile, you felt sure you could walk another mile?

Just sitting there a moment was all you needed.

Just a moment, and you knew you could go another step; another mile.

Ever been overwhelmed by life's heat?

Maybe right now you're looking for shade.

Isaiah said the Lord Himself is a "shadow from the heat." (Isaiah 25:4)

Just one thought of His character.
A quick prayer.
A verse brought to mind.

And you can face another step; another mile; another moment in the heat.

"The LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand." (Psalm 121:5)

That's how close He is.
That's how quickly we can find the strength to go another step; another day.

Rest under the shade of His presence.

And walk another mile.

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