Monday, September 2, 2013

When You Can't Stand . . . Kneel

Did you know the fear of falling is called basiphobia?

Symptoms may include overwhelming thoughts and extreme anxiety, usually caused by a traumatic experience in the past, triggered by an equally traumatic experience in the present.

A number of treatments are available online, including home study or one-on-one coaching programs.

Many recommend you surround yourself with supportive, positive people or take a class which addresses your particular phobia.

Although many ignore their fear of falling, some suggest the most effective way to overcome this fear is to talk about it.

Someone once said, “Be thankful for that which drives you to your knees.”

Because every one of us is capable of falling.

We all have moments in life when we fear we will no longer be able to stand.

At these moments, the best solution is to kneel.

Kneel in the presence of the One who upholds “all things by the word of his power.” (Hebrews 1:3)

His arm is not too short, and His ears are not dull of hearing. 
He will keep you from falling.
He will put you back on your feet again.

                When life seems to be crushing you under . . .
                When you suffer from overwhelming thoughts and extreme anxiety . . .
                When you feel your knees buckling under you . . .

When you can’t stand . . . kneel.

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and he shall sustain you.” (Psalm 55:22)

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