Monday, August 4, 2014

Where to Go When You Feel Like Rejoicing in What God Has Done

You don’t have to live very long to learn that life’s paths involve Red Seas—crossroads in life that look to us like insurmountable obstacles.

Life brings us to barriers marked by “No Outlet” signs and roads that end with no way around or through.

We all face stops in life that leave us doing only one thing—looking up.

We’ve watched the Lord step into our impossible roads and create paths we never dreamed possible.

We’ve watched Him bring us to gateways and new roads and different journeys that left the Red Seas looking like puddles.

Our God is that big.

The kind of God that sees Red Seas and obstacles and ends of the road as opportunites to step in and “provide from [His] goodness” (Psalm 68:10).

“He is awesome in His doing . . . He rules by His power forever” (Psalm 66:5,7).

He opens the way and sets our feet on new paths of blessing.

And we’re left rejoicing when we thought tears would be our food for years.

The Psalmist was there, but he found the perfect place to rejoice.

 “Because you have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice” (Psalm 63:7)

He still went to the safety of God’s wings, even when God had worked and all he felt like doing was rejoicing.

You and I never stop needing Him.
After we’ve watched Him work, we still need the safety of His wings.
We still need to look up.

When we feel like rejoicing in what God has done, the best place to go is the place of praise that is still a place of trust.

Rejoice in that place of trust.

It is here that God continues to work.

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